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Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar
Silver Dollar
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Product Code : Silver Dollar
Brand Name : Fresh Water Fish
Product Description
<p>These are named "Silver Dollar" because their body shape is almost round and is very compressed laterally. Generally they are a silver color with slight green and blue tints in the right light. There are also hints of red, especially the anal fin of the male which is edged in red. In some habitats they will have small dots on their sides.</p>

<p>The peaceful Silver Dollar is a choice fish for many aquarists who want a community aquarium with good sized inhabitants. The Silver Dollar, though very peaceful, gets rather large and needs a good sized aquarium. They are a lively fish and like to hang out in schools, so get several if you can!</p>

<p>These fish are happiest in a large shallow aquarium with peat filtered water, dark gravel, and lots of plants and hiding places. The Silver Dollar does like to eat plants! So get plants that are not so tasty like java fern and hornwort, or you can use plastic plants.</p>