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Fish Sabertooth Characin

Fish Sabertooth Characin
Fish Sabertooth Characin
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Product Code : Fish Sabertooth
Brand Name : Fresh Water Fish
Product Description
<p>The Sabre Toothed Tiger Fishes are a group of fish known collectively as Pirandir√°, and are often referred to as Payara. This group, of the genus Hydrolycus, consists of four species. Primarily known as a game fish, the Payara are prized by fisherman for their fighting ability. They inhabit fast moving rivers and are often found in schools.</p>

<p>The Sabertooth Characin is one of the Sabre Toothed Tiger Fish. The common name, Sabertooth, comes from it having two large fangs on its lower jaw. These two teeth are so long that there are holes in the upper jaw for them to fit into. This fish is a voracious carnivore that is fast and aggressive. It will usually grab its prey whole, trapping the fish in its mouth, then adeptly manuveur it about to be swallowed head first. If it prey is to big however, it may first chop it into smaller, bite-sized chunks. Like all the Saber Tooth fish, the Sabertooth Characin gets large. So to keep one as a pet. be prepared for a high feeder fish bill!</p>