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Fish Common Hatchetfish

Fish Common Hatchetfish
Fish Common Hatchetfish
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Product Code : 018
Brand Name : Fresh Water
Product Description
The Common Hatchetfish are very peaceful, even timid fish, and make a good community tank mate. They like to hang at the surface of the water and they like to jump, so keep a good top on the aquarium.   These fish will appreciate some floating plants, but with their mouth situated up on top of their body you can see that the Common Hatchetfish must be used to eating at the surface. Be sure to provide some clear areas on the surface for them to feed! They are prone to ich.</p>

<p>The Common Hatchetfish are often sold as a Silver Hatchetfish, which is a misnomer though a common mistake. The actual Silver Hatchetfish is another species, Thoracocharax securis. The confusion comes from them being very similar. The biggest difference is that the true Silver Hatchetfish grow much larger, getting up to 3 1/2" (9.1 cm) which is a full inch longer than the Common Hatchetfish. Another difference is that the Silver Hatchetfish does not have the pronounced black horizontal line seen on the Common Hatchetfish.