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Fish Blackskirt Hifin Tetra

Fish Blackskirt Hifin Tetra
Fish Blackskirt Hifin Tetra
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Product Code : 08
Brand Name : Fresh Water
Product Description
A very commonly available fish, the Blackskirt Hifin Tetra or Longfin Blackskirt Tetra is a strain of fish developed from the Blackskirt Tetra. This fish makes a very good fish for the beginner. Like its predecessor it is also very popular and is readily available. It is very active and fast moving, but does have a tendency towards fin nipping. Because of this it should not be kept with smaller fishes, but will do very well in a community tank with larger fishes. These fish are a bit more difficult to breed than the Blackskirt Tetra, probably because of their being highly inbred already.</p>

<p>The Blackskirt Hifin Tetras like a well lit tank with dense areas of bunched low vegetation, which leaves lots of open areas for swimming. Being a schooling fish they will appreciate the company of their own kind, a standard school is made up of about 7 fish. They are hardy at 70° F to 90° F, but are prone to develop ick if kept in colder temperatures.