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Fish Black Belt Cichlid

Fish Black Belt Cichlid
Fish Black Belt Cichlid
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Product Code : Fish Black Belt
Brand Name : Fresh Water Fish
Product Description
<p>he attractive Black Belt Cichlid is a fairly large fish, reaching up to 12" in length. This is a great beginner cichlid for the aquarist who wants a water pet. Besides their attractive coloring they are intelligent. With their typical cichlid nature they come to know and respond to their owner. Once established they are easy to feed and raise as long as the water is kept very clean. Along with these great characteristics, ease of breeding and a more tolerant manner are what make them most appealing.</p>

<p>Though they can be aggressive and are not considered a community fish, the Black Belt Cichlid has a somewhat more docile manner than many of its relatives. It can be kept with others of its own species, a group of 6 if they are raised together in a very large tank. In a breeding pair the male is not aggressive towards its mate if there is plenty of room, though it can become very territorial and aggressive towards others when spawning. These cichlids can also be kept with other Central and South American cichlids of a similar temperament as long as there is plenty of room. Aquariums 120 gallons or more can work well with these groupings.</p>