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Fish X-Ray Fish

 Fish X-Ray Fish
Fish X-Ray Fish
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Product Code : Fish X-Ray Fish
Brand Name : Fresh Water Fish
Product Description
<p>The pretty little X-Ray Fish, also called the Golden Pristella Tetra, is an excellent fish for the beginner. It is extremely hardy and undemanding. It is not at all choosy in its water type, probably because it is found naturally in both brackish water as well as soft water. It can even withstand very hard water, though it does do its best in soft.</p>

<p>Its easy to keep in other respects as well, being a peaceful community member as well as being fairly prolific in breeding. It is also a very active schooling fish, but it is harmless to other fish and plants. A dark substrate and subdued lighting will show the X-Ray Fish best and enhance its colors. It will not get its full color in hard water or under bright light.</p>