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African Tiger Fish

 African Tiger Fish
African Tiger Fish
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Product Code : 01
Brand Name : Tiger Fish
Product Description
The unusual looking African Tiger Fish grows to an impressive size and is definitely a specialty fish. With a maximum size of 3?½ feet and over 60 pounds, this limits who will able to keep one as they would need an aquarium upwards of a 1000 gallons. This fish is best suited for a public aquarium.</p>

<p>One look at those teeth lets you know that the African Tiger Fish is a voracious predator. They are related to the Piranha, but get much larger. They can use those huge teeth to chop large fish into bite sized pieces. So even large tank mates can be at risk unless the Tiger Fish are kept extremely well fed. There isn't much that can be kept with them, as tank mates really need to be appreciably larger species. This isn't so much a problem with them being aggressive, just having a very hearty appetite. They will school and do well in a species tank.